I am a symplectic geometer working in the intersection of dynamical systems, mathematical physics, and algebraic topology.

I use homology theories stemming from Morse homology and Floer homology — like symplectic cohomology and Rabinowitz Floer homology — to probe dynamics on symplectic manifolds.

I like studying non-exact symplectic manifolds, understanding dynamics of contact hypersurfaces, and developing mirror-symmetric interpretations and intuition, particularly within quantitative symplectic frameworks.

Publications and preprints

  • Symplectic cohomology and complex-analytic mirror symmetry.  In preparation.


  • Semi-orthogonal decompositions in Fukaya-Seidel mirrors to blowups of toric varieties.  In preparation.  With Catherine Cannizzo.


  • Rabinowitz Fukaya categories and the categorical formal punctured neighborhood of infinity.  In preparation.  With Sheel Ganatra and Yuan Gao.

Research Talks

  • Holomorphic Curves and Symplectic Topology Conference, August 2017, Institut Mittag-Leffler

  • Mathematical Physics Seminar, December 2017, Harvard University CMSA

  • AMS-AWM Special Session on Women in Symplectic and Contact Geometry, January 2018, Joint Math Meetings

  • Geometry/Topology Seminar, April 2018, Stony Brook University

  •  Georgia Topology Conference, June 2018, University of Georgia, Athens

  •  Topology Seminar, October 2018, UC Berkeley

  •  Geometry Seminar, November 2018, UT Austin

  •  Geometry and Physics Seminar, February 2019, Northwestern

  •  Categorical Symplectic Topology Conference, March 2019, Cambridge University

  •  AWM Research Symposium, April 2019, Rice University

  • Homological Algebra, Microlocal Analysis and Symplectic Geometry Conference, June 2019, CRM

  • QMAP Seminar, October 2019, UC Davis

  • Symplectic Geometry and Topology Seminar, October 2019, Stony Brook University

  • Northern California Symplectic Geometry Seminar, November 2019, Stanford University

  • Workshop on Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, November 2019, The Fields Institute

  • Geometry/Topology/Categorification Seminar, January 2020, USC


  • Seminário Simplético do Rio, October 2020, Rio de Janeiro


  • Floer Theory and Hamiltonian Dynamics of Non-Compact Hypersurfaces Conference, January 2021, ETH Zurich.  Slides.

Notes from working seminars